… My friend and I are so grateful that you arranged our meeting with Father John Eudes, which was totally unbelievable opportunity I never even dreamed of. I learned about Father John Eudes through Henri Nouwen’s book – Genesee Diary.

… She passed away a few years ago, and John Eudes said, “I will meet her soon in heaven.” It almost drove me to tears because it was such a beautiful story, which you only read in a classic novel.

… Attending the liturgies daily from sunrise to sunset with the Genesee monks, I was so struck and even shocked at the beauty of psalms being sung as prayer…

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“Father had a way of drawing sense of the Eternal right under my nose, not in a way that was detached from a grounded sense of life, but one that helped me be attentive to everything as God’s, and God’s sustaining all things…

After visiting the Psalms and daily Mass readings in the early morning, I sit with Fr. Eudes’ words. I once told him this and he shot back with a humble boyish joy: “surely there are far better things you can do to pass time than read me’ …”

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“ ‘Why don’t you come to confession today?’ A bead of sweat immediately formed on my forehead, and my throat became tight. Fr. John Eudes led me to a cubicle-sized room with no ventilation. It was a typical day in the summer 85 degrees here and high humidity…

Fr. John Eudes was a beautiful man and a man that I loved dearly. I was humbled with grace beyond compare to be able to take care of him. Secondly, I was humbled with grace beyond compare to be one of the seven that were praying around his bed when he took his last breath….”

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