Thank you for the opportunity to reflect on the graces received from this great man, Reverend Father John Eudes Bamberger. He gave us all so, so much. Three things stand out for me.

His books–never have I found any book on Thomas Merton better than Father John Eudes Bamberger’s Prophet of Renewal book on Merton. Nothing comes close to it. His Evagrius Ponticus: The Praktikos Chapters on Prayer is as well a magnificent book. So many graces from these wonderful books. Next, The confession: “love them at a deeper level” was his succinct, direct advice–as if there were no struggle to love if one keeps loving, just at a deeper level. And finally, his words about my book on Merton meant everything to me–that I had found “the real Merton” in writing about Merton’s notes on lectio divina.

To this day, the Abbey is my treasure and home due to Father John Eudes Bamberger ‘s care for so many years.  Rare in the outside world is a leader for several decades, and Father John Eudes Bamberger’s leadership meant for us that we could even in our limited way experience the rich monastic life always cared for by him. His leadership gave us the wonderful retreats and the unimaginable beauty of the sacraments in church. I am so grateful to him for so much.