My brother and his wife, Loan own a nail salon. Loan’s cousin, Xuyen works with them. Both ladies are very talented, especially Loan (her nail paintings are incredible), and Xuyen is most humble!!!. They like me and feel comfortable with me because of my nun-like way of life. They take very good care of me whenever I stay with them while visiting my mother in the nursing home nearby.

When I did not know better, I used not to care for a career like this. The one in white is my coworker. I am her supervisor and now I am doing her pedicure 😂 We were waiting so Brandy could have a pedicure and a manicure done, but the place was busy. We could not wait long so I asked Xuyen to teach me how so I could do it for Brandy. O how humble it felt! And spiritually, I learned it is a noble thing to do: to wash your brothers’ and sisters’ feet!!!  These women are given the grace, the talent and the humility to do this for a living. It is really hard work! They work long hours because they have so many customers. Thank You, Lord for giving them the job which they love. I do not think I have the grace and the virtues to do what they do, even though I write icons. I feel very humbled and now can relate to these hard working people better. Finally, they allowed me to wash dishes as well. They sure think if I can wash people’s feet, I can wash dishes, too. Thank you for the unique and profound experience, dear Lord.

May you keep them safe and allow them to experience You, Lord, the greatest consolation and reward! Amen.