St. Bernard’s and Abba John Eudes’ prayer hastened to bring Abba Bernardo Bonowitz to my aid. Paradoxically, God’s mysterious love for this Abba’s vocation has revealed to me many incredible spiritual insights and inspired me to explore deeper into God’s unconditional love and sacredness through art.

Abba Bernardo is specially loved and blessed in many ways. He wrote many spiritual books and traveled to give conferences and talks like Abba John Eudes. He knows Abba John Eudes well enough that he is chosen to help editing the Book: “A Soul’s Journey with God” which Abba John Eudes and I were working on when the Spiritual Father passed away. I will gradually share parts of the chapters of the Book in which we all can benefit from the sage teacher’s spiritual advice, guidance and teaching.

Abba Bermardo also introduced me to a very special 2-sided crucifix of the crucified Lord and the humbled Blessed Mother which he had and generously gave away to a stranger many years ago. We could not locate another one like that anywhere. So I tried to make a replica of it using both clay and wood. While the clay took at least 3 hours to make, the wood took less time. Abba Bernardo also helped me with a special design for the new icon of St. Bernard of Clairvaux.

Thank you, Abba Bernardo! May God bless and give you much peace. All for God’s honor and glory. AMEN.