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God finally took Abba John Eudes home on February 21, 2020. We were all with him, seven of us who loved him very much, holding on to his hands and feet. He was never alone! Thank you Lord for a precious gift of life. May he enjoy his eternal life with You and the Blessed Mother. Amen.

Abba fought a long, tough, courageous and good fight especially during his final years. He had more than 9 lives which he loved and lived them to the fullest. Until the last hours when he was still concious, like St. Augustine whom he admired greatly, when he could, he never stopped praising and saying the psalms. The last prayer I witnessed him saying was in Latin as he was semiconcious. Soon after, he began to rest his soul on the Blessed Mother’s arms who had waited long enough to welcome him home as the angels rejoiced while I selfishly wept.

No one whom I know suffered as much as he did for the love of the Blesssed Mother and the Lord.  He faithfully helped carry the Saviour’s cross which he revered and embraced all his life. Rev. Father was a man who wore many hats. He was and is everything to me and New Helfta. The spritual father is irreplacable, unforgotten and greatly missed but is very much alive in spirit as I try to carry on his legacy, to follow and to share his teaching of how to love God and live the life pleasing to Him through my love and service to my brothers and sisters. For this very intention I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

“Smile for the love and the glory of God”, the Abba often advised me, and I reminded him of his own words whenever he needed them. God loves you. The Blessed Mother loves you, and we love you, Rev. Father! pray for us!


“A Soul’s Journey With God”
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