What a unique and miraculous grace given to New Helfta this rather strange and solitary Christmas and New Year celebration!

I thank God for the 14 years of graces and blessings as I celebrated my consecration anniversary on the Feast of the Holy Mother of God, January 1st, 2022! Time has gone by so fast. I could see and remember that special day quite well! “Dearest Lord, I promise to live the life of perfect chastity for the love of Christ until death. Sustained by Your grace and loving mercy, I now profess in front of Abba John Eudes, Abba John and Your holy people!” Thank You, Lord!

“It is not a coincidence that I found this documentary movie, BBC: Extreme Pilgrim – Ascetic Christianity (https://youtu.be/9VjU_505i6E) after praying Terce today at the Nativity Scene. I have been staying in the Marian House as a hermit exactly a week today, experiencing what Fr Bernardo Bonowitz wrote about Silence and Prayer in his book: Truly Seeking God. This movie reassures the experiences God has been gracing me as Fr Peter shared in the movie. Thank you, Fr. Peter! Yes, it is all about You, dear God! Fr. Peter took me to Egypt to visit Abbot Anthony’s hometown and the cave he lived in before others came to join him. Abba Anthony, please pray for us! Amen.

I was able to follow all the Divine Offices as the Psalmist said: ‘Seven times a day I praise you …’ (Psalm 119:164), do spiritual readings and write icons. I lived like a hermit and really appreciated.” – Written to a dear spiritual sibling

What an ideal contemplative life as Abba John Eudes often advised me to live. He must be so proud!!! I know you are watching over me and praying for me, dear Abba! With the holy saintly Abbots’ prayers (Anthony and Benedict) and the Blessed Mother’s intercession, we pray for special graces to be humble to perceive and to accept our human weaknesses.  Then we will depend solely on God and ask for his mercy in granting us the gifts of faith and perseverance. Amen.