You are welcome to send us a picture of your shrine and a short description in her honor!

Betsy Colon of Perry, NY

This beautiful statue of Our Lady of the Rosary is in our backyard to commemorate my parents. It was carved in Vietnam and it is all white marble; after my wedding rings, it is the most beautiful thing I own. The thirty blossoms of the wisteria occurred only in 2017, the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima. In other years before and since, the wisteria has never had so many blossoms. Aside from the plant’s knowledge of this great event, I have to tell a story. When I knew I could have such a statue (and I live far away), I asked Minh and Brother Augie to pick it out for me as I cannot match my socks. They picked out Our Lady of the Rosary without knowing that many, many times my father would tell this awful joke: “When your mother met me, she threw away her rosary because all her prayers were answered.” Now, every time I drive into the backyard, I have to smile as Our Lady has the last laugh.

Mary Murray McDonald of Cleveland, OH


My husband, Bob Uberty has a ministry of rescuing, repairing, and painting religious statues.  Bob is very good friends with friars and priests of the Mercedarian order. It is a very small order in the United States, but much larger in Europe. Our Lady of Mercy Parish in LeRoy has been run by Mercedarian priests since probably early 60s. Bob became friends with them. One friar, Brother Matthew and Bob would go to flea markets and antique stores looking for statues. Word passed thru the years and many statues have been thru Bob’s and Brother Matthew’s hands. Bob repairs, paints and gives these statues to anyone, free of charge. It is his ministry.

Pat Uberty of Bergen, NY


Ena Gill of Webster, NY (bottom left)

Beatrice Huynh of Windgap, PA (bottom right)